Wolfpac "Evil Is ..." Vinyl LP

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- Highly collectible WOLFPAC "Evil is..." LP on vinyl!
Break out your Technics Turntables, warm up your mixer, get the party started and make sure you order yours now! Not only are all the slamming tracks still on it but we added two different fresh versions of some of the flavor. That's right, "Someone's Going To Get Their Head Kicked In" and "Go Fuck Yourself" have both been remixed and rerecorded to make them slam that much harder for your listing pleasure!

Format: Vinyl LP
Label: SugarDaddy Records / Megaforce Records

Track Listing:

1) Thirty Three
2) Somthin Wicked This Way Comes
3) Gravedigga
4) Death Becomes Her
5) Six Disciples Of Hell
6) Times Run Out
7) Los Vengeance Des Les Mortes
8) Humpty Dance

1) New Friend
2) In Harms Way
3) Get Lit
4) Hide And Seek
5) Someone's Going To Get Their Head Kicked In (All New Version)
6) Evil Is...
7) Armageddon
8) Go Fuck Yourself Version 2.0 (featuring The BloodHound Gang)