Wolfpac "Square Peg Round Hole" CD

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You have seen them on tour destroying the stage with the likes of The Insane Clown Posse, KottonMouth Kings, Twiztid, Gwar, Slipknot and more! You have witnessed their madness on "The Howard Stern Show" and heard the only appearance to ever been banned from Satellite Radio when they appeared "The Opie and Anthony Show"! Former founding BloodHound Gang front man Daddy Long Legs along with his partner in crime Buddha and a whole cast of crazy cretins serve you the latest installment of musical menagerie from WOLFPAC titled "Square Peg Round Hole"

Format: CD
Label: SugarDaddy Records
Track Listing:
1) Death By Numbers
2) Square Peg Round Hole
3) Let Me Hit It
4) Oh Pee Pee
5) A Special Kind of Love
6) Step On Up To The Plate
7) See N Say
8) Ain't She A Looker
9) Get Your Hands Up (Featuring Mars, Kung Fu Vampire and Defekt)
10) Ball-Sided Crazy
11) False Prophets
12) Alwayz4eva
13) The Indecisive Obscene Phone Call
14) Don't Be Afraid of The Dark
15) Put Your Dukes Up
16) Let The Blood Rain
17) What Doesn't Kill You

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