Wolfpac "Evil Is ..." CD

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Although this album contains many of the same songs from their previous freshman release "Somthin Wicked This Way Comes" they are vastly different versions as they have all been rerecorded, mixed and mastered for this release specifically. Then add all of the new songs recorded since their freshman release and you have a unique album containing an arsenal of sonic firepower much more complex then the first release!

Format: CD
Label: SugarDaddy Records / Megaforce Records
Track Listing:
1) Thirty Three
2) Somthin Wicked This Way Comes
3) Gravedigga
4) Death Becomes Her
5) Six Disciples Of Hell
6) Times Run Out
7) Los Vengeance Des Les Mortes
8) Humpty Dance
9) New Friend
10) In Harms Way
11) Mischief Night
12) All These Bitches
13) Get Lit
14) Lullaby For The Insane
15) Hide & Seek
16) Someone's Going To Get Their Head Kicked In
17) Lockjaw
18) Evil Is As Evil Does
19) Armageddon
20) Go Fuck Yourself (Bonus track featuring The BloodHound Gang)

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